I don’t speak, I teach. 

Our paths have crossed for a reason. Let me be your guide from this point to the next.

  • Conversion optimization: whether they were lured through organic or paid now you have a user in front of you. How do get them to act in the few moments you have of their undivided attention?
  • Attracting Users: learn how to cast a net into the right target markets. Learn about using paid and organic online marketing tools and tactics to further your goals and increase the percentage of visitors to customers.
  • Be Trusted: Learn the tried and tested approach to gaining trust and loyalty
  • Online Experience: Engage with customers as you would in front of you, give them the excellent experience they expect using tools, copy writing and social media.
  • Analytics Delivered: Get a better sense of why you have tools like Google Analytics and how to leverage them to make decisions to improve conversion, save time and reduce cost.

To be in front of you means I am there as YOUR resource.

My experience ranges from working side by side with early stage startups as well as working in and consulting for profitable established companies. Needs evolve, however, the need to continue gaining and maintaining traction will remain a primary goal. Let me give your hot rod of a business the tools it needs to become all wheel drive, nimble and engaging.

The goal of reaching target markets, retaining trust and engaging is a lifelong commitment.  

What others have to say…

Renata Lubinsky-KerenLyndi was the speaker in a presentation for Lean Startup Seattle on September 2013.

It was great communicating with Lyndi, while working towards the event. Lyndi was open to suggestions, identified relevant topics and provided a clear, detailed and exciting presentation to the audience.

I would be more than happy to work with Lyndi in the future, and keep learning from her experience and wisdom. Cheers, Renata Lubinsky

krystal lean startup seattle

One of the best, focused, and knowledgeable events I’ve attended in ages.

Lyndi is engaging, deeply knowledgeable, and inspires us to get from point A to point B.

Thank you for asking her to speak! – Krystal

Scott AhlsmithLyndi has so much knowledge. It was inspiring to watch her solve the audiences problems on the fly. Well done! – Scott Ahlsmith