As the kiddo is happily distracted in the other room, I begin to inhale a bite of dinner. A few bites in and my husband channels his agile-engineering-manager personna and begins a parenting retrospective. My ears perked up, intrigued, ready to see where the conversation would go.

While traditionally has walked the professional business focused line, this post is a little different. I want to share with you a snapshot into my first year of being a new Mom and still being LyndiT.

I am going to take the simple route, so let me know if you are interested in more than bullet points possibly followed by a generous sentence.

What Do You Want to Bring With You?

Looking back on the last twelve months, this question is really looking for the best of the best. What worked well, what was enjoyable, a lesson learned, an obstacle overcome, and epiphanies.

Adventure! Everyday seek out even a small adventure that expands the world a smidgen.

Having a hard time, not giving me a hard time – Wobbly, unstable mobility, primitive ability to verbally communicate, short battery of energy that needs to be refueled and recharged regularly. This is only the first two pages in the novel of things this kid is going through and it’s tough.

Acknowledging the cheerleaders – those who have become our family pillars are heroes. Whether we have been friends since before puberty or met recently, I have been impressed at those who pause their personal and professional lives to cheer my little growing family on. Keeping the “Thank you,” “That meant a lot,” and “I am grateful you are in my life” phases handy and accessible.

What Do You Want to Leave Behind?

Rush here, rush there – The theme of Holidays is now officially “delicious” and with that new tradition also comes the tradition of not rushing here and there. Stay awhile, enjoy, and strike up a conversation!

Saying “Yes” too often – One lesson that I am looking forward to passing down is being able to say, “No, but thank you!” Unless I am excited about it, I am not taking on anything extra. For those things that really make me feel energized I am happy to say, “yes!” with clear expectations.

Overall the first year of being a new mom can only be classified as an amazing, epic adventure (epic is being appropriately used here). I have learned to get to know myself in a whole new light. As a professional, the lessons this tiny person has taught me more than apply, they were needed.

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