During the summer I summon folks from all over the area to our little farm. I lure them with the promise of smores, pony rides and the best part – great company! From Seattle to Olympia and beyond, people make the drive to spend the evening around a toasty campfire sharing, laughing and connecting.

We Need Communities Now More Than Ever

And connecting people creates communities. From sea to shining sea, we need each other to tip the scales making our conversations, efforts and energy invested in constructive directions.

Why Was LT Connect Created?

I love connecting people. While I haven’t had any success as a romantic match maker, I have had success connecting great people that over time have evolved to become impressive communities.

What is LT Connect?

In my tiny neck of the woods technology is what bridges the lakes, oceans and miles. Right now, LT Connect is an email newsletter delivered to inboxes around the world! Inside this newsletter are short highlights of people and their companies looking to hire new talent appropriately labeled Opportunities, folks looking for a new job labeled Talent, and, last but not least, events happening that will foster the goal of supporting and connecting people.

Why Should You Subscribe to LT Connect?

  1. You want to connect to people!
  2. You are looking for a new job: The newsletter will deliver opportunities to your email including a person you can directly contact or you can submit your profile to be included and showcased in the newsletter.
  3. Hunting for talent is hard: LT Connect delivers two things to people looking for talent: profiles of job seekers and a targeted, highly engaged audience to spread the word about your job opening.
  4. High Value Events to Attend: It would be easy to go to an event every evening; LT Connect filters upcoming events to those that have a mission of supporting and connecting people.
  5. Help Others & Support the Community: Here is your chance to connect job seekers to new opportunities. Introduce these talented individuals to contacts you believe would have some natural chemistry. Don’t hesitate to share opportunities or an event that someone you know would appreciate or benefit from.

View the March 2013 Newsletter

What To Expect in LT Connect

There is no mystery meat in this newsletter. All content is approved by the people and companies featured. Currently, LT Connect is gravitating to the greater Seattle area, as you participate it will evolve to serve communities outside the greater NW area.

How Can I Add My Info?

It’s easy, email me. Send me a short description, a photo and appropriate links to be reviewed. You will feel my beaming smile when I receive your email and we will coordinate when your post will be sent out to the masses.

Last but not least, signup to receive LT Connect: http://eepurl.com/biy1b


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