I will happily dangle my toes in the water with you and daydream. However, it’s unlikely in those moments that we will get much done. Could be that we come up with the next Facebook, sticky note or iPhone idea however until action is taken it is just time dangling our feet in the water.

A note from my neck of the woods is that Eli and I are officially +1. Our daughter Clara joined our little family May 6th and has been keeping us contemplating her mystery for the last six weeks. She is the adorable epitome of putting words to action. I had a lot of assumptions about how we would need to adjust once she arrived. From tiny infant fashion changes, soothing cries, to getting to know a whole new person I was eh … close. One piece of advice – when the evening rolls around and the baby is sleeping – sleep! It’s not the time to try and tack anything extra on.

“Hacks or no hacks, managing time is a challenging task and it can wear you down quickly. Be smart about productivity and don’t adhere to the theory of “just work hard” no matter what the cost. You must make time to clear your head, focus your thoughts, and relax. Otherwise, you’ll burn out.” – Ashish Rangnekar, Mashable

When dreams finally enter reality – perspective and attitude are never more important. After only a couple of weeks Eli and I plopped back down at our desks getting back into our startup groove, he coding for Cheezburger and I building the buzz for BizeeBee. I often work with a baby literally sleeping on my lap. Time has never gone faster, the moments I would mentally dangle my feet in the water brainstorming are on pause. Being a new mom and working for a startup means my time is more precious than ever, and I need to protect it.

“ The first step is to recognize you can’t do everything you want to do. Then you need to figure out what’s most important and work on that first. What’s most important is likely to vary from day to day” – Rieva Lesonsky, ReadWriteWeb

  1. No matter how much time you think you have, spent it with the mentality that it is in short supply.
  2. Learn to say “No!” to things outside of your goals
  3. Say “Yes!” to things that automate manual tasks, and relieve your workload
  4. Stop multitasking – focus reduces errors, produces better work and results!
  5. Exercise your mind by writing daily
  6. Your perspective is directly connected to your level of self care.
  7. Delegate and focus on your strengths
  8. Ask and take time if you need it, otherwise leave distractions at the door
  9. Seek the truth and assume your assumptions are wrong
  10. Use social media to expand and get to know your network regularly

With that, I want to wish you all a happy and productive start to your summer.

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