Storytelling is a powerful way to get around the product lingo and share insights from behind the scenes. I was delighted to share my story about why I joined and stuck with BizeeBee. As many of you already know I haven’t taken on any other products for over a year, except occasional non-profit work. I have been happy to be buzzing for BizeeBee!

Over many cups of coffee, tea and hot chocolate, a lawyer/serial startup angel investor and I shared a lot of ideas. NW rain bucket style of ideas! Our conversations, typically twice a week, revolved around creative, however-scrappy ideas for user acquisition, marketing and building a startup. We talked product, the ups and downs of being on a small team, and thoughts around what has and hasn’t worked. Then I got this funny feeling one day after a meeting: I sat down in my car, closed the door and was positively beaming. I had a genuine feeling of pride in being able to be confident and honest without hesitation. Everytime I sat down, I knew I had to be focused, channel a goalie ready to be defensive with metrics and offensive with strategy. Not that our casual coffee dates were anything like a courtroom, however, I can see how lawyers enjoy a the flavors of debate. Our conversations were around a startup I had recently joined: BizeeBee.

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