I haven’t been completely oblivious to the IV dip of Apple Kool-Aid you have all been feeding me. I get it, Apple products have a sleek, stylish attitude that fits in well with both CEOs and downtown mainstream-begrudging hipsters.

So why did I insist on living in the late adopters camp and boiling my water before I drank it? Maybe I needed to live in the technology dark ages to emerge being enlightened? Maybe. As far as computers go I was content with my laptops and even desktop for the value they gave me for many, many years. The kind of value you get on one of the grocery store’s 10 for $1 deals. To my right, my trusty Toshiba tablet holds the bulk of my productivity products. In front of me is a 28 inch Hanns-G monitor that hooks into, both the Toshiba and [gasp] a MacBook Pro.

Reflecting back, I was only tolerating my phone choice. My love for candy bar phones keep me on the outskirts of the Razr frenzies flip phone revolution. Then it happened, I signed my professional communication soul to the Blackberry. Took me about a year to realize I didn’t actually need to be on-demand for customers 24/7.

The first lovingly nicknamed Crackberry I owned was the Pearl. I owned several Pearls and then some savvy cell phone sales rep saw that I was still being a sucker for sending ungodly amounts of emails and text messages and sold me a BlackBerry Bold. A fantastic device until you start using it. I am guessing it is a bit like a German sports car, amazing for the first year until things start to wear down. Then the seemingly lifeless being demands to be tinkered with in order to function or make good on threats of ruining at least your day if not your bank account.

I realized the Crackberry had me hooked and in a bad way. I was tolerating it’s consistent crashing, inability to run applications properly and schizophrenic behaviors all because I thought I needed it’s trusty little buttons, it’s handy turbo speedy text messaging keyboard. Alas, it wasn’t worth it. I sadly tipped my hat to Rim’s efforts, almost as if to say goodbye at a funeral expecting never to return not even to lay flowers at the grave.

So, on Monday March 19th Eli and met with a horse fearing sales guy at At&t. Well, Eli handled the transaction, the details, purchasing Apple Care, as I sat on the bench cashing in my right to remain comfortable. My shiny white iPhone4s was delivered right into my hands as if the stork just dropped it off.


Fast! Applications are quick to load, switch from and multitasking doesn’t slow this puppy down one bit.
Semi-liquid proof: I can answer the phone with freshly washed, however poorly dried hands without worry.
Hay proof: The Blackberry’s keyboard was a magnet for little slivers of things that eventually would wiggle under the buttons and render them useless. Violently beating the phone upside down seemed to be the only way to dislodge things like hay. But, many of you city slickers probably don’t have this issue.
Doesn’t Crash: What a concept!
Excellent camera: 8 mega pixel camera with basic editing features like crop, rotate, enhance, and red eye reduction. Has a decent built in flash too. Plus, having photos or other data on the phone doesn’t slow or worse crash the phone like the experience with the Blackberry.
Better Applications: Instagram is fantastic and Foursquare actually works without having to log on and off every time you want to use it.


Price: Same as the new Bold. Or I could have gotten the iPhone4 and skipped Siri which would have been cheaper.
Siri: Neat idea, yet the Blackberry had voice command dialing way back in the day. Asking Siri for directions only gets me as far as setting up the map, she has yet to learn to read them. Siri gets close when writing notes or adding appointments but it isn’t intelligent as I thought it would have been.
Finger prints on screen: Not a terrible dilemma and okay price to pay for interacting with glass.
Going to need a case: If you can relate to having butterfingers then this device is going to need a little bump protection.


Easy to make mistakes: Typing isn’t easy and it takes focus.
Location based reminders drain battery life: A bummer since that is one neat thing about Siri. If battery life isn’t a concern and if you are like me and sit next to a power source it could be OK. I ended up turning them off so I could squeeze some more talk time.

So here I am in my cozy workspace where Apple and Windows products live mostly in harmony. There I am with my handy iPhone using Instagram. In a few hours I will be checking into Foursquare. This little device might even be teaching me to slow down, well that is in the text messages and email department. Overall the iPhone is a reliable new tool that I will be happy to have especially once baby arrives.

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