The summer flew just as the autumn leaves fell down. During the weekdays I soaked up knowledge on yoga and fitness businesses, reaching out to business owners and spending hours perched on my social media, adwords and SEO soapboxes spreading the word about BizeeBee with my lil-Lyndi megaphone.

The weekends were filled with sun soaking adventures, enjoying riding in the mountains with my husband and his new horse. Camping trips and of course gardening. If this was a journal entry this little intro would be followed by a list of things I am deeply thankful for. I will give you the short list.

The Seattle Community:

This Friday, Seattle friends and family will gather to honor and support a dear friend and her husband who is battling a very rare cancer. The event called the Seattle Geek Roast has attracted big Seattle names like Chris Pirillo, Shauna Causey and Brian Westbrook all in the name of fun. Volunteers have come out of the wood work as well as donations for the events. I am beaming with pride seeing the community come together for Alyssa and Nick. Read their story and come to the event!

Crossfit Affiliates

If there a gold metal for a type of business that is genuinely packed to every sq foot of a business with passion and the owner’s being it would be hands down Crossfit. If you are wondering, what is Crossfit or have heard myths about Crossfit start here. I had the pleasure of hoping on my marketing soap box and sharing with a room full of Crossfit business owners ideas on how to grow and market their business. Key thing: They, as trainers and business owners are the best marketing they’ve got. The majority of new Crossfit students come through referrals from other students. A very community focused business that creates a tight knit group of people willing to suffer through workouts together.

The Business of OM:

In a few weeks it will be year that I have learned that yoga businesses are nearly in every corner of every part of the world. These are businesses that truly seek to improve the lives of their students. Another community based business that I have deeply learned to love. Why? Well, since working with BizeeBee I see that these sorts of businesses are underserved, however they serve their students and communities tirelessly. From projects like Poses for Paws, and Yoga Bear there is a connection between yogis that is uniquely passionate in how they live and run their business. Delightful being able to work with them, give them tips on marketing and show them how simplifying the way they run their business gives them more time with their students, in their communities and on the mat.

Spring of 2012:

This spring is going to be a busy one! There are two new bundles of joy expected this spring. My sister in law announced we can expect a niece! The other is our very own bundle of joy. Yes, that’s right. I am expecting! Just passed 15 weeks and both Eli and I are feeling incredibly blessed. Since seeing the first ultrasound at around 10 weeks, the little person was bouncing around having a dance party, so we have given it the temporary name of “Jumping Bean.” Right after Thanksgiving we will know whether the little bean is a little man or a little lady.

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