You got up, put your ironed shirt on and snuggled into your cubicle for another day. An email pops into your inbox from a manager that is literally five feet away, stating: “Can you please come into my office?”. This is the sort of office that is well packed with random stuff, an office that would take longer than two hours to pack up is a sign that person if a lifer, meaning they are betting they will only leave if A they retire or B they are hauled out by the paramedics.

Silly Turkey MonsterYou sit down, and boss rattles problems his manger’s manager’s supervisor said and wants YOU to make he/she look smart and come up with an solution. You blink; find some strength in your gut. “This is your chance, tell them your big idea!” – Says your inner bottled up entrepreneur. With confidence, delivered almost seamlessly you put your BIG idea on the table. After 45 seconds you have lost the boss to what seems to be a distracted day dream that far beyond paying attention to any syllable you said. You could have slipped in something random like, “Turkey Monster” without a reaction.

The phone rights, someone barges into your meeting, or some other random distraction seems to relieve your boss and you get the “Sounds OK, can you come up another idea? The create a few different prototypes that have synergy and we will meet again tomorrow? Great. Thanks!”

Sigh. Don’t be discouraged. Before you snuggle back into your cubicle, imagine for a second it was burning. There was no more cube to back to, to sit at and wait for another email, another meeting. Feeling a bit relieved? That is a sign that you haven’t settled into the retirement loop, you my friend have passion, and you have some seriously untapped potential. Time to consider working WITH not just for a startup and see your big ideas come to life.

Why a Startup Over Another Cube Job?

Me (Lyndit) at BizeeBee headquarters in Palo Alto, CA

“I went to a mid-sized company after graduation, and I have to admit that the catered lunches, subsidized French classes and swanky Christmas parties were fun. Then I went to a startup, and all of those big company perks went away. In their place I found an environment where you are truly allowed to take charge of your career – to learn from an entrepreneur first-hand; to take on projects way above your experience level; and to contribute meaningfully to the direction of a company.” – Erin Bury, Perspectives: Startups vs. Large Companies, Vestiigo

Passionate Motivated Employees: Groups that are brought together with a focus are undeniably productive (No, I don’t have fancy stats to back that up). What is one of the most valuable assets in an employee? Passion. Employees of startups figure out real quick whether or not they connect with their Founder’s vision. If they do, they become one of the Wright brothers being a strong ally when a product is launched over the cliff testing to see if it will fly.

Best Experience of Your Life: No matter what your role is you will find working for a startup is challenging in a way that polishes your skills and makes you think like you never have before. Startups create jobs, give people a chance to add spice back to their career and see their ideas turn into action.

“Startups aren’t just an important contributor to job growth: they’re the only thing. Without startups, there would be no net job growth in the U.S. economy.“ – TechCrunch.

Where to Start?

Attend events like Seattle Startup Day, network and shadow startups. I personally loved borrowing Teachstreet’s Wifi for a few hours before Hops and Chops to get a sense of their culture.

End the 9-5, stop seeing your ideas flushed down the red tape drain and let your entrepreneurial spirit bloom by joining a startup.

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