If you are looking for the perfect recipe for love unfortunately the ingredients don’t include sparkling jewels, chocolate or Hallmark cards.

Love isn’t something simple that can be labeled, defined and filed with expertise. Love evolves just as our way of communicating evolves. In the age of social media, text messages and video conferencing we have more opportunities that ever to express our love with appreciation.

Here are three women people I have come to deeply appreciate for what they do, what they stand for and who they are.

Connecting friendship and entrepreneurship

Melody Biringer
Seattle, WA
The Crave Company
Beyond the book that showcases women owned businesses, Crave’s foundation is paved with a passion for good friends friendship sharing their entrepreneurial stores.
Thank you for encouraging, believing in and investing time to inspire women across the globe.

Twitter: @melodybiringer | Website: TheCraveCompany.com | Blog: Startup Junkie

Supporting community health through technology

Poornima Vijayashanker
Palo Alto, CA

Across the nation yoga is becoming a way of life for people to relax, improve their health and gain amazing friendships. BizeeBee is a software solution to make managing a yoga studio simple, affordable and

Thank you for sharing your vision, creating a strong team and being bold in supporting communities that you love.

Twitter: @Poornima | Website: BizeeBee.com | Blog: femgineer.com

Uniting the social creating positive change

Shauna Causey
Seattle, Wa
Techmavens & Voluntweetup
Techmavens rounds up nominations for women doing amazing things in technology in order to acknowledge their accomplishments and inspire other women. Voluntweetup is a beacon for social media savvy volunteers to raise awareness and take action for local non-profits.

Thank you for expressing your faith in the potential of others, standing by your values and being a voice for non-profits.

Twitter: @ShaunaCausey | Website: Techmavens.com | Blog: shaunacausey.posterous.com

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