It is expected that as the New Year begins we take time to reflect on the previous year. We look back on our accomplishments, challenges and what we have learned with various intentions. Some look to the past to review performance, create new processes and further pave the path of productivity. Others look to the past and see obstacles overcome with creativity, perseverance and honesty and realize acknowledging those accomplishments are critical not only to productivity yet to the brand’s culture and history and future.

Over the last few years we have all been witness to the heart of social media, the power to connect friends, family, customers, businesses, non-profits, groups and more across states, continents and nations.

For me social media has given me a marketing tool comparable to attending every conference, getting to know everyone at each coffee shop and attending tons of Meetup groups. With the intention to reach out, connect and develop genuine long lasting relationships.

The values I bring to social media are founded in customer service. I believe in and have seen social media reach its true potential when the brands are genuine, customer focused and human.

The challenge I give to you for 2011 is to use the tools of social media not to sell but to be social. Be authentic, open your arms and welcome opportunity. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

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