Lyndi Thompson Podcast for Lyndit MarketingPaint me green and call me the Grinch but I am not in the mood to talk stuff. Buy stuff, give stuff, wrap stuff, or store stuff. There is an itch my gut that says there are a lot of other people singing my same tune. Maybe it is because NPR and the Daily Show are my two main sources of news, or maybe it because I am labeled to be a part of a new attitude that values balance and relationships over seeing huge profits. Whatever the reason is that I think we all have enough stuff and there are a lot of other things we could be doing with our time.

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This isn’t my normal sort of post, which is okay, as I want to challenge those businesses that read this, and the companies that are throwing some huge black Friday bash to step back for a moment and spend some time reviewing their brand

Fact: We have enough stuff. No one needs a new big screen TV, Xbox or fancy new iPad.
Fact: There are a 1,440 minutes in a day, how many of them does your company use to help your community, acknowledge the hard work of your employees and reach out and thank your customers for their support?
Fact: In 2008, the nation’s sheltered homeless population over a year’s time included approximately 1,092,600 individuals (68 percent) and 516,700 persons in families (32 percent).

Social media has become the channel of choice to share our own opinions, experiences and thoughts. We have used this tool to brand ourselves and become advocates for things that we are passionate about.

I am challenging you to dilute the stuff and increase the sharing. Increase the time you spend each day sharing your appreciation for what you have, those around you and the opportunities you have to make a difference in the world around you.

Ways you can make a difference this Black Friday and beyond.

What was your budget for Black Friday? Split the budget in half and donate that to one of the great causes on Jolkona.

Do you own a pet? You understand how important that little furry beast is to you. Donate to Pasados Safe Haven in Monroe to help bring an injured dog back to health to be adopted, or sponsor a pet from a low income family to get vaccinated and spayed.

Donate towards Christopher Burgess’ fight to end hunger. Did you know that every $5 you give provides 35 meals for hungry families?

If you have to go shopping then go shopping for a warm waterproof jacket, or an educational toy to bring to the Seattle Tweet Drive on December 9th.

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