Chocolate is sweet, it can be bitter, melted in a pan and spread over ice cream. Chocolate can be given as a gift, eaten in handfuls or savored in tiny bits. Chocolate can be served hot, cold, mixed into coffee or something to look forward to after dinner. No matter how you love chocolate you are going to love the new adventure of meeting Seattle area chocolate by tasting, networking and enjoying an evening of fun.

I am super excited to be hosting the first Seattle Chocoolate Tweetup is on October 23rd, from 7 to 10pm at Theo Chocolate. Tickets are $15 (to cover the cost of the venue) and all proceeds will donated to Pasado’s Safe Haven. This Tweetup was collectively created after tweets went flying around after listening to Theo Chocolate founder Joesph Whinny speak at BizTechDay Seattle 2010. Theo generously had brought plenty of chocolate that had all of us inspired to have another excuse to taste their chocolate and visit the Seattle factory.

Imagine sampling Theo Chocolate, sipping on wine, networking with Seattle entrepreneurs, social media and marketing professionals. Also if you are interested you can take a tour of the Theo Chocolate factory.

About the charity: Pasado’s Safe Haven is a premiere animal rescue organizations in the United States, dedicated
to 24-hour rescue and rehabilitation of dogs, cats and farm animals. Just northeast of Seattle, the sanctuary is home to hundreds
of animals. Learn more at

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