Pokeball with Hootsuite insideImagine managing fifteen twitter accounts, eight Facebook pages, two Facebook profiles, one Linkedin account, one Foursquare account, and keep an eye on tweets streaming in from conferences, events and your favorite people. Sound crazy? It is. The way I and thousands of users have stayed sane is by using Hootsuite.

Impressive Features

Speaking in car talk, if Hootsuite was an engine this would be the do it yourself mechanic’s dream engine bay. Everything is easy to get to, navigate and tinker with. If you were talking food this would be the best cup of chocolate pudding you have ever had with no bottom. There seems to be no end to the features of Hootsuite , can’t wait for you to try it out and be amazed. You might even fall in love with the ease in which you can manage all of your social media channels. Plus if you have an iPhone (beta for Blackberry!) you can have all the features of Hootsuite at your fingertips.

Web Based Tool of Choice

Being web based means I can hop from computer to computer and have everything just the way I want it. The tool loads quickly, with a simple interface great for daily browsing. When you are working an intense campaign Hootsuite becomes a turbo charged tool of choice to monitor the buzz. Hootsuite allows for custom URL parameters making tracking the effectiveness of content driving traffic to your site easy.

Hootsuite logo - owlManage Branding Easily

When I work with small businesses I introduce Hootsuite as a tool to make their online time efficient. Using the built in option to schedule content across channels is essential for time management. Creating streams from your Twitter lists, by keyword even phrases is easy keeping you organized and up to date with the latest and greatest tweets.

Excellent Tool for Teams

Never tweet alone again. Create, respond and manage all channels as a team. Add unlimited team members to help manage accounts with a click of a button. Then you can easily see who did what and what is left to be accomplished.

Hootsuite is one wise owl.

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