Problem solving intense jobs that demand creativity, sales, business development a ten to fifteen other hats are often stressful. Watching, and learning from entrepreneurs, marketing and cubicle dwelling folks here are some of the ideas I came up with that seemed to be common habits.

Understanding that not every day is full of sunshine I came up with 21 habits that seem to keep the best marketers focused and ready for action.

1. Appreciation of their team, job and opportunities.
The best way to love your job is to appreciate what you have. Waking up worrying about reports or meetings might steal your focus but happy marketing people remind themselves that they get to create connections and foster long lasting relationships. Don’t sweat the spilled coffee.

2. Choose a community wisely
The importance of networking is second to the importance of finding a great community.  I LOVE Seattle 2.0 and HopsAndChops, both are supportive welcoming communities of entrepreneurs that have big ideas (like me) and are taking action every day to make those ideas a successful reality. Connect online and in real life.

Marketers are great at making connections but happier if they make long lasting relationships with key people that will cheer them on when things get tough.  Even if it just little things like retweeting your event promoting and sending a few introduction emails out to help.

Creative Teamwork3. Considerate and Compassionate
It is easy to get caught up in the daily distractions. In the big picture it is important for marketers to respect others in their field and be compassionate with others are struggling or have made a mistake. Happy marketing people know the importance of acknowledging their fellow professionals and supporting them.

4. Stay Fresh and Current
Networking, going to conferences, reading blogs, and watching how-to videos will help you stay in touch with the latest and greatest. Know your facts, ask questions engage with professionals in your industry. Making you feel enriched, challenged and keep your sense of curiosity for your job, career and industry alive.

Mix it up a little bit. Go and visit the nerds at one of Scott Hanselman’s nerd dinners, or go to a Social Media Club or a Biznik event. The whole Seattle area is rich in activities and events to expand your experience, network and knowledge.

Marketing - branding, vision and mission.5. Problems? Solutions!
Due dates approaching, goals seem to be slipping? Happy marketing people know that problems are full of opportunities. Use your clever problem solving skills to reach out to resources, research and bring ideas for solutions to the table. Don’t let the problems get you down.

6. Love Social Media? How about Print Design? Do it.
Marketing is a broad category. You could wear many hats or be a specialist in SEO, Social Media or designing t-shirts.  You spend and invest a great deal of your LIFE into your job. So do something you love. If you aren’t doing what you love work with your employer to move in that direction or it might be time to start looking at Craigslist for a new opportunity.

7. Smell the Roses
There is more to life than analytics, WordPress and dare I even say it, Twitter. I spend time every day taking care of our little farm critters. Living in Maple Valley I am surrounded by really beautiful forests, parks and wildlife.  Find your happy place and spend time there, don’t say you are going to jog around the lake and never go. Invest in yourself and spend time outside, fresh air and really take in the beauty around you.

Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream8. Add a little Goof to your attitude
Life is full of joy, and that joy often is shared through being a little goofy. Have a girls, or guys night out and invite Ben & Jerry over, watch comedy, look at funny cat pictures and don’t take things too seriously. Don’t forget to let yourself have a little slack, no one is perfect so develop the ability to laugh at yourself.

9. I’m Sorry & Forgiveness
The most successful people don’t make all the money. The best marketers, entrepreneurs and even cubicle dwellers are successful because they know how to say “I’m sorry”, and “I forgive you” and genuinely mean it.  Holding stress and grudges only hurts you. The same goes with yourself, send out a weird tweet that might not be the best reflection of your brand. It is okay, the world will go on so learn and forgive yourself.

10. Thank you bunches!
People love to help, especially now that social media has made it so easy to share content it is also that easy to tell them thank you. The best marketing people look for ways to say thank you more than they spend time looking for new content that might go viral. Say thanks, say it often. Might seem trival yet you will make someone else feel great for supporting you and your brand which I guarantee will also make you feel pretty good too.

11. Relationships are invaluable
It gets rough, trust me. There are going to be days where you can’t even get a pigeon to pay attention to anything you have to say. You will be frustrated and the one thing you can do is tell people how much you care about them. Even when things are rough acknowledge hard work, nurture relationships and if you can’t keep commitments tell people early. Spend time writing personalized notes, not blanket emails and even when things are rough come back to the table after you have cooled off and show your love and appreciation for those you work with. Connect with people, good people + good people = great communities.

12. Walk the Talk
Marketing can be a lot of talk before there is any action. The best and happiest marketing professionals take action that meets or exceeds their fancy speeches.

13. R&R – Rest and Relaxation
Being in a creative problem solving fast paced job means having the energy and focus to keep up and produce high quality work. The only way creative professionals stay sane is with excellent self care. Yoga, meditation, exercise, eating well, enough sleep are all ways to keep your mind fresh. Limit alcohol and late night events.

Office Water Cooler - avoid gossip14. Avoid the Watercooler
The trap of falling into gossip is not only a waste of time but a great way to burn bridges with great people. Don’t get overly concerned with what other people say, think, wear whatever. Great marketing people are expressive, accepting and avoid conversations that focus on hurtful comments or judgments.  It does take time and it is hard not to make comments, that seem okay at the time but later I think, “Geez, why did I say that?”.  Everyone has the right to live their own life that includes you.

15. Positive Outlook
Life is Good. Seriously, have an attitude of optimism and you will be 100% easier to work with than people that arrive at the meeting table with a glass half empty. Think positive, and look for solutions the best marketing people are able to replace negative thoughts with positive ones almost instantly.

16. Love makes the world go round
If you look beyond the details like resumes, follower numbers and how many Linkedin recommendation someone has and see them for being one heck of an awesome human being it is going to be much easier to love them. Accept those around you; yes even the folks in IT. Love them even when they are frustrated, you are frustrated and nothing seems to be going right.

17. Don’t Take Your Ball and Go Home
The answer to those days you want to go home and hide under your bed is: Get back in the game.

Focus on what you want, and break down your big goal into little tiny achievable ones. Don’t give up, but be flexible as things change.

18. Think Ahead
Being flexible is great, but being able to be flexible based on facts is why we love analytics. The happiest marketers accept that even with great data, an awesome team and fantastic resources there are still things they can control and that’s okay. Determining what things are risks and what could hurt your team, your project and business is essential. Don’t be the dude that is sweating after losing two key people in your team and having to explain to management that you can’t make deadlines.

Healthy habits 19. Water not Soda
Professionals that carry a steal water bottle and skip the soda, and limit the caffeine are giving their body the hydration it needs without a bunch of random chemicals from soda and energy altering effects of caffeine. Great marketers are aware of how their choices affect those around them, buy not buying water bottles they reduce waste and encourage others to bring their own bottle to work, the gym or on the road.

20. Being Awesome
Be genuine and you are being awesome. Don’t believe anyone that tells you if you were “A” you would be better than “B”. The best marketing professionals are easy to spot, they have a sense of calm, yet excited about their work and self confident. Do the best you can do, ask for feedback from trusted people like mentors and be genuine.

21. 100% of the time
The only person that can decide how you feel is you. Great marketing people have the ability not to let business matters get under their skin, they understand how important personal relationships are and make sure to invest and work at their friendships. Take responsibility for your own emotions, moods, attitudes, thoughts and your actions. The successful professionals are the first to admit when they have made a mistake and don’t avoid conversations to help repair relationships.

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