There is something natural about peanut butter and jelly that everyone from the age of 3 to 99+ understands is scrumptious way to enjoy an afternoon. There is a natural chemistry between startup companies and social media. There are brands launching through social media even before they have websites. Social media is a conductive tool that in many ways levels the playing field between big brands and new startup competition. Startups can reach customers and their markets easier than ever before.

There is something about PB&J that is instantly satisfying. Before you even sink your teeth into the sandwich you know you are going to enjoy it. Social media is a similar adventure. No matter what you fill your social media channels up with you are going to enjoy the adventure of networking, creating connections and even if you so choose solidifying those relationships in real life.

If you are thinking social media is a good tool for your startup, then your first goal is to grab all the social media accounts under your brand name. The next ingredient is simple – find people you want to listen to. The best place to start is poking around your favorite blogs to find their Twitter name. Click that, click follow there is your peanut butter. Finding your community is the sticky goodness, this becomes your value center, the people you would listen to anyways through their blogs, or you would jump all over buying tickets and attending conferences if they were speaking.

Engaging with your community is the marionberry jam.  I would place bets that if you are a startup you have limited amount of time to truly engage outside the world of keeping the business moving forward and feeding everyone who works for you. However, social media gives you a perfect opportunity to refresh your brain, engage with some people you admire and even your customers. Adding precious connections to you new venture while also building a humanistic brand.

The wonder bread really is keeping yourself organized, and not feeling bad when you don’t read every tweet, status update on Facebook.  Be genuine, enjoy your sandwich of social media and startup harmony.

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