Everyone likes to hear a good story but what is even more fun is getting to tell the story. What is it about your business, your company your community your big ideas that you are passionate about? The idea of storytelling might be something you are very comfortable with, even in front of hundreds of people yet maybe it’s not.

When I asked the great Twitter world what they thought of when I said “Storytelling” here is what a few of them had to say.


“I think of someone reading a story to me or someone else.”


“storytelling” makes me think of the new intersect app (which I would love to join!) – http://bit.ly/9YoJPa


“IRL: fibbing In Marketing: sharing your brand’s background/position, not just pushing out content :)”


“transporting one away and capturing imagination”


“A childhood story when I was engaged and excited the whole way through!”

We are all storytellers of some kind. Recently for me I have been working on two awesome projects; TechMavens and Vancouver Startup Weekend both I feel honored to be able to tell their story to anyone that gets within 10 feet.

There is a little salon in Maple Valley called Cherries, Chocolate and Blondes that is eager to share their story, their appreciation for their great staff and passion for their work. Sitting in the chair each stylist is genuinely excited to share in a conversation that is a perfect role model for how a business can tell their story in a way that engages and supports their business.

Whether it is in social media, at Starbucks, a networking event or even with your hair stylist share your story, share how you can help others and encourage them to also share their story.

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