Strong, talented women are amazing. Sarah has found a way to make her life full of her passions from fitness to assisting those around her with their marketing efforts. She is in her element when it comes to using social media to communicate, marketing to express the complex in simple ways and at the core when it comes to maintaining and managing excellent health. Sarah is currently the Online Community Manager – Fitness/Sporting Goods (FitClub) – Sears Holdings Corporation.

I feel honored introduce Sarah Hoffman! Be sure to connect with her, read her blog and she has some excellent insight into the world of online marketing.

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The Professional Sarah: Digital Mention

Digital Mention is my “professional” website for all things digital, social media and integrated marketing related. It was built with my belief that the future of digital (and the world in general) is an online mention married with engagement, interaction and conversing. I basically “geek out” with it!

Marketing Sprinkled with Social Media

I love that it’s a form of marketing, and that it’s the form based around “social interaction.” I have been passionate about Marketing since high school, when I went to nationals for DECA. And as soon as I dabbled into the social media part of Marketing I never looked back!

Sarah’s New Web Adventure:

My brand new website sums it up perfectly:
I am a total health/fitness/foodie and full-of-life individual. I wear a cowgirl hat a lot. I love country music. And I’m a homebody. “My cup floweth over” when I’m with my husband and our two dogs!

Two People Sarah Admires on Twitter:

@NikisNotes – She is a girl who mixes brains with passion, beauty and a huge heart, and tweets about a combination of topics that give an overall sense of “goodness.” She will tweet about philanthropy, eco-fashion, people, health and wellness. read more …
@digitalroyalty – She truly delivers happiness all over the digital world! With 1,323,643 followers and counting, you would think the DigitalRoyalty has no time for daily interaction. But she does. And I believe that gives her even more credibility among her followers, clients and potentials clients. read more …

Responding to Social Media Hesitation

I don’t respond right away. I find out why, hear them out and then make my case as the “devil’s advocate” to what they’re saying. At the end of the day, if I haven’t persuaded someone then I probably don’t want to converse on the topic with them anyways. They don’t “get it,” and that’s extremely unfortunate to me because there is a whole new world of opportunity with and through it!

Advice on Building Your Personal Brand

Stay consistent! If you are going to use @iamsocool for your Twitter handle, then you should use that in ALL networks (or as many as you can)

Be real! Write, tweet, talk, post, connect, engage, etc with the things that actually interest you. Don’t put out things you think people want to see because once you choose to do that, people start associating your “brand” with those things.

Check out: #MakeMeMarketable

Social Media Opens Doors

Social media has opened a million doors for me. I have been fortunate to network with so many great people and then capitalized on those relationships via IRL meetups! Professionally, it has landed me everything I’ve had in the past couple of years. It landed me with Sears!

Tools to Stay Organized

I have so many! Here are some of my most favorite “Tools:” Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Rapportive and SocialOomph.

Connect with Sarah!

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