Next weekend, Oct 8th through the 10th in the beautiful city of Vancouver entrepreneurs from around the northwest will gather for the first Vancouver Startup Weekend. The event is the fun part; it is 54 hours of brainstorming of ideas and bringing them into reality. The goal is by Sunday evening each team will have their idea hammered and forged into some kind of prototype to present.

Startup Weekend has been globetrotting to countries all around the world. The event brings developers, designers, copy writers, marketers, aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned startup gurus together for the weekend (typically more than just two of each kind). This kind of diverse group happens in college, yet many of our communities from development to social media become siloed in our groups and when we need to find complementary professionals in different skills it is a bit of a challenge. This event bridges the divide and brings professionals together to build relationships, connections and possibly even business founders.

Event planning is always a heads down, focus and push through sort of project. If there is a way to do event planning with grace I have yet to learn a refined approach. If you have ever planned an event without any hiccups, burps or other uncivilized bodily functional analogies then I tip my hat to you.

Social media in itself isn’t what is going to make this event a success, however it did provide our team with almost instant connections to people we may not have otherwise been able to connect with. Reaching out to our communities we are getting an overwhelming response of support, great introductions to connections, volunteers and expertise that I have really come to appreciate.

Hopefully as I catch some fresh air here and there I will be able to share with you in detail all of those who helped make the event a success with support, donations, introductions, sponsorships and of course those who are coming to participate. I am incredibly impressed with the passion for the event and the support of the startup community despite borders and limitations.

Looking to you to join in and register for Vancouver Startup Weekend and tell all of your friends, family and anyone you see  with an entrepreneurial sparkle in their eye to join in next weekend at Bootup Labs in Vancouver BC.

PS. The Mountain Dew in Canada doesn’t have caffeine.

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