Sitting down to a conversation yesterday I was asked with all seriousness – “Okay, I have to know… do you really have dangerous levels of enthusiasm and friendless?” I promptly respond. “Well, yea… that is what it says on my blog.”

When someone prompts me for an idea I have a tendency as my husband says to “firehose” them with ideas. Pouring big ideas on to the table then bringing out my mental colored pencils to color in the details. I often look up at those around me and see a sort of “that’s great but it is too expensive, or that’s neat idea but we don’t have the manpower, or that’s great but but but…” the excuses either verbally or non-verbally are there.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more,

learn more, do more and become more,

you are a leader.” -John Quincy Adams

Genuine Potential

The last few weeks have lit a fire in me that I really only remember experiencing when I was at a camp. Whether it was a youth camp, horse camp, day camp or even a weekend snow camp that is when I remember being so inspired, energized and well 100% Lyndi genuine. Camps were a free space in which I could be me and celebrate others in being themselves too. I loved the all night conversations brainstorming ideas under a carefully constructed bed sheet fort in the middle of the cabin. With sometimes as many as six giggly sometimes serious girls talking under the light of one single dangling flash light. Talking about everything from our families to the mysteries of the universe. These were the times in our lives that challenged all of us to think about what it would be like if we could solve one world problem, or how it would feel to even solve all of them. At the end of the night, with our eyes and minds automatically going into a sort of automatic sleep mode we all believed that with all the energy, and enthusiasm that was under that fort, we not only believed that we could change the world, we knew we would.

Surround Yourself with Eagles

Here it is a few years later…

I am working with literally the most inspirational, supportive and challenging people I have ever encountered. Working on projects like TechMavens, Vancouver Startup Weekend and assisting businesses with their online marketing. They are eagles, soaring great distances with no limits in the direction they want to take. They each have a flavor of entrepreneurial genius that I still have yet to be able to describe. So far I am thinking it is something like taking conventional business wisdom for a walk as it has gotten a little fluffy around the edges and needs to be shown the world outside of it’s tiny apartment and expand it’s world view beyond the tiny windows. Then the old dog wins the Olympics? Something like that.

Entrepreneurs are job creators, economy movers and create competition that challenges and improves every aspect of our economy and communities. That fire that fuels critics, skeptics and those waiting for retirement can only be cooled if they drink from the firehose of enthusiasm. Maybe it will take the right number of people to believe in their big idea, with enough support from their communities to really tap into unlimited potential for our businesses, our communities and take on the biggest challenges of our world.

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