Today, Sept 3rd is my last day at my job. Yes, you are all embarking on a new chapter with me as I live my dream exploring and living through all kinds of entrepreneurial adventures.

Focusing on B2B Marketing and ecommerce has been my 9-5 job for the last 23 months for a wholesale promotional apparel company called SanMar.  During a time of a recession SanMar held strong to its core values of supporting employees with a 40 year record of never laying anyone off. I look back over my time at SanMar and smile with appreciation for all of the opportunities to work with incredibly talented people, I was in an environment I was supported to learn and test the waters in areas of interest.

I think Shauna Causey said it best “to be honest, it feels a bit like jumping off a cliff: scary and thrilling.” This is a very exciting time, a new chapter focusing on small businesses with their online marketing while also supporting Seattle startups. I am looking forward to sharing with you additional details on my official upcoming adventures.

I am deeply thankful to everyone who has been supportive with complete faith in my decision to jump on the entrepreneurial train. Thank you to all of those I have reached out to that have come back with a truckload of guidance, and even sending me freelance work. I am also very thankful to my team at SanMar that always found a joy in at least 15 minutes of daily laughing and have been greatly supportive in my new trail blazing adventures.

That is the big announcement, and If you are in Seattle tonight and you would like to say “Cheers to new adventures!” then join me and a few other entrepreneurial spirits at Del Rey after 8pm.

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