Websites are like atheletes they need to be fit and ready to take on marketing challengesFall is around the corner which for many of us brings back the memory of school starting but more importantly sports. Every year to be eligible to play sports off to the doctor kids went to get the doctor’s stamp of approval that this kid was indeed “A-Ok” to jump, run, take a few tumbles but most importantly was ready to take on what the sport required of them.

The more serious the sport required of the athlete the more throughout the checkup and the list of recommendations for training and nutrition increased.

Answer These:

Is your website in the right shape to take on what you need it to do?

Does your site meet the requirements to get the job done?

I get it. I can picture most of you thinking. “Well, maybe the site needs a face lift.”

Could you imagine if a kid went into the doctor for a sport physical and the doctor took a look at the kid dangling his feet on the examination table and said “Nike shoes, ooo nice color! Oh yea, great blue basketball shorts, and that t-shirts looks comfortable. You are good to go!” and sent the kid on his way? No way! Crazzzy talk! However, in the business world, people okay pretty websites everyday that don’t meet even the basic requirements to get the job done.

[Hops on soap box] Frequently I shake my head at local business websites with gorgeous websites that are stuffed with fancy bells and whistles but forget the simple requirements of what they want to communicateLyndit likes to get on her soap box about social media and online marketing and the funnel they want their customers to start down the path of.

  1. Way to contact the business on the home page: Phone number should be at the very least posted in a location that is easy for visitors to find.
  2. Slow loading flash splash page: Delete it, doesn’t work on mobile devices and there is nothing on this splash page that does anything but delay the visitor from DOing what you want them to do. Like call, email or buy.
  3. No SEO: Basics – unique title tags for pages, meta tags/description, alt text for images, links with titles, the basics here buddy the basics.

[end rant]

Wearing fancy clothes is not going to make someone any more in shape as slapping a bunch of new fancy design on a website is going to make you more money.

Think Simple:

Filter down the requirements of your website. Start with the very beginning, because it is a very good place to start. What do you want a visitor TO DO when they get to your site?

  1. Contact you
  2. Buy something
  3. Sign up for something
  4. Interact with the content
  5. Share the content

DO = Action. Beyond just read and say “oooOOOooo… AwwwWWWwwww.”

Write a list steps a visitor would need to take to accomplish what you want. No more than 5 things you want someone to DO when they come to your website. For most small businesses they want to start the visitor down the tunnel of a purchase.

Once a year at the very least have a website physical, have a review done by someone that can offer insight on what you can improve on and make your website a better experience for your visitors and a greater positive impact on your business.

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