Lyndit's social media tricks - bunny in a hatOften I hear, “How do you manage your time?” to be honest I schedule everything. Yep, everything is a constant optimization my time. Being flexible and responsive allows me mental space to be creative and focused.

For those of you who know social media can help build your business, connect with customers and create a solid foundation for your personal or professional brand you also know that it takes time – lots of it. Time that often you don’t think you have. My response is schedule.

scheduling social media content with LynditFew Things to Schedule:

Blog Posts
Facebook Status Updates
Facebook Fan Page Updates
LinkedIn Status Updates
Foursquare Status Updates

What this allows you to be able to do is focus on responses and everything else. Planning content is just part of the strategy, spread messaging over the day instead of flooding your followers stream or their inbox which to be honest only makes content look and feel like mystery meat aka SPAM. No one really likes Spam, so don’t spread spam of any kind over someone’s monitor screen.

Take time once or twice a week to schedule out your content. Write your big blog posts, edit them and schedule them out to post. I love spending the early morning reading through my Twitter lists and scheduling out great content to retweet. I also look through Sphinn, Stumbleupon, RSS subscriptions, and emails to find neat content to share, promote and learn from. Bacon, eggs, blogs and tweets! Breakfast of social proportions.

Use tools like Hootsuite to schedule out your content. Create your website on a platform like WordPress that supports scheduling out blog posts. Keep yourself sane while managing your online investment to be focused on what is most important – creating connections not trying to think of what to write next because you already did that.

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