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As a blogger, marketing person, small business with a website you need to take the “social” in social media seriously. Every day is another opportunity to experience, learn and then share. Creating fresh, unique content doesn’t need to be a chore, as it is something you are most likely already doing. If you are thinking your website is just a small fish in the ocean snap out of it. People want unique fresh content and so do search engines like Google, so give them both what they want and you will find yourself delighted to share your experiences creating value for both your visitors online and for the search engine titans.

Don’t forget what you learned in Kindergarten

key ideas of social media taught in kindergarden

It is good to share. Share, share, SHARE! Attending a conference organized by the North Mason Chamber of Commerce, where Rabbi Daniel Lapin shared his idea that “you must always be ready to tell people how you can serve them”, sticky sort of idea that when you share you are sharing knowledge that could help them, be in the mindset of sharing, and improving the lives of those around you with your experience, energy and talents. When you redesign your website, publish a whitepaper, organize an event, and even when you post on your blog post don’t be bashful – share! Share your post through Twitter, your Facebook fan page, Amplify, share through Sphinn, on industry forums and even through email lists. Also be sure to listen to your friends, other businesses and news and share their content as well. Get in the habit of sharing, appreciating and spreading the word about how you can serve.

Skip through meadows and giggle.

Spend time reading blogs related to your industry as well as your interests. If you like the post, share the content and comment on the piece. Actively engaging in commenting on other blogs has lots of great benefits, from sharing your ideas with the post, to encouraging other visitors to comment, to having a link that goes back to your website and allows the author to get to know you as well. Think of it as time to enjoy learning and interacting with authors, enjoy the time together. When commenting be sure to be genuine, and professional.

Real Estate for Friends not Ads

Your website is your vehicle on the web to promote your brand, business and ideas. Would you drive a car to your client’s office that had tons of flashy sparkly ads all over it for other companies? What if someone came up to you at a party and said “Hey, you! Look over here! Want to buy this random thing for 3 easy payments of $19.95?” Neither are “social”, nor are either example a good way to develop a clear brand. Keep your site, blog posts and social media channels clean of anything that isn’t supportive of your brand and providing value to your visitors. You only have so much space on your website, use that extra space to promote your favorite blogs, your friend’s websites and other content that would be of value to your visitors.

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