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From Twitter, Sphinn, Google Reader, Facebook, Amplify, Buzz and Friendfeed–you name it!–I have been gathering some of my favorite posts. These 5 personal favorite must reads have sparked some really awesome conversations, tweaked long term project plans and challenged a lot of great ideas. From social media, online marketing and project planning to business organization these posts will for sure to fill your thought bubbles, have you reaching for the phone to share a conversation about the value of flexibility and the future of social media.

  1. Aug 9th, 2010: “Local brands have the flexibility to cater their social media campaigns directly to their local customer base, using the same tools that large brands are using to cover a wider audience.  In addition, local tools and services are growing in popularity” – Social Media Gives Local Brands Home Field Advantage
  2. July 28th, 2010: “Listening, Content, Socialize and Measure could just as well be represented as a cycle, but I think the forward direction is important because you can’t reach outcomes without action.” –4 Steps to Social SEO Success
  3. Aug 6th, 2010: “There’s No Out Of the Box Solution – I shudder and cringe each time I hear about a company selling a basic ‘Twitter, Facebook, Delicious, StumbleUpon’ package for every business that comes through their virtual doors. Not every website is ideal for every business.” – 885 Social Sites, SEO & Marketing: Fine Tuning Your Marketing Strategy
  4. July 30th, 2010: “79 percent of large corporations are leveraging social media to engage their audience, and they are using innovative ways to build buzz, establish relationships, foster communication, improve products, and cultivate long-term brand awareness and consumer trust.”- 4 Ways to Master Social Media Marketing
  5. July 29th, 2010: “there are certain universal truths to what your company’s style of tweeting reveals about your corporate culture, your attitude towards social media, and what you think about your customers in general” – What Your Company’s Twitter Account Says About You

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