Over the last year I have found myself focused, and dedicated on a goal that will ultimately lead to a new way of life. The goal is to surround myself with people on and offline that have action taking attitude, an appreciation and humor about life and a desire to grow their positive connections and build strong communities.

The goal was to connect, build relationships and then a my own personal community of people defining outside the box, reflecting the world around them and making positive change, while making time to support those on similar journeys.

Grimaldis Coffee deli gelato issaquah washington

Grimaldi's @ Gilman Village in Issaquah

One of the first people I met in this journey was Nikki Chau. Connecting through Twitter we found ourselves connecting on a lot of harmonious levels, from Yoga, fitness, health, to relationships, Mazdas and cultures. Meeting in person I was delighted, and simply comfortable sharing dreams, big pie in the sky visions of new business ideas, challenges and tons of great stories. Sharing our perspectives on the world all while enjoying coffee, sandwiches and gelato at Grimaldis. During our conversation, sitting on those pillows near the windows I was indeed honored. Nikki was the beginning of great people I have encountered on this journey.  She embodied the definition of what I still remember today, that people that are this talented, passionate and appreciative of the world have something great in common.

They are accepting, welcoming and supportive.

Social media is powerful. Beyond building brands, beyond marketing and beyond measurements, reports and strategy social media is a platform for shrinking miles between great people and providing a channel for building incredible long lasting communities.

These core values can be found some of my favorite communities and businesses:

  1. Cherry Street Coffee – Seattle coffee chain that is focused on their community of loyal customers
  2. Seattle Social Media Club – Group of diverse Seattle social media and online marketing professionals and enthusiasts
  3. Rainier Crossfit – Located in Puyallup Washington
  4. SnoRidge Crossfit – Located on Snoqualmie Ridge
  5. PCC Natural Markets – Puget Consumer’s Coop is dedicated, knowledgeable and terrific for bringing sustainable local food and connection to the Northwest.
  6. #CROChat – Every Thursday chat with people interested in increasing conversation and increasing online website customer satisfaction
  7. Autosportslabs – Community tested car performance technology that has a worldwide following
  8. Hopsandchops – group of Seattle entrepreneurs that meet every Thursday
  9. Seattle 2.0 – A group that supports Seattle entrepreneurs
  10. Big Brand REI gets on this list too for amazing ability to hold on to their core values even through all of their growth.

Where ever your social media journey takes you create connection and introduce others to the amazing world of building great communities.

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