There are important aspects to online marketing that I will give you a cookie if you don’t forget. I get it — running a business which includes all the daily maintenance is tough, and time consuming. Then there is your big ultimate bacon cheese burger vision of your businesses, that each and every day each you make decisions to move toward that grand vision.

When starting out with a new client, or even on a personal project there is a truly energizing honeymoon stage.”Ooo oo we can make a new website, create social media accounts, I know a designer that can create the logo, we can create a video about the product, we can interview these experts… oh yea and this list of 100 thousand additional ideas I have and am soooo excited about!”

Online Strategy Forget-Me-Nots

Claim Your Name: Once you have a business name you need to buy your web domain, register social media accounts, and update all of your own personal profiles with the new business name. Great to have consistency, and have control over your now brand name and not have to deal with some random person mucking up your brand’s reputation.

Get on The Map: Physical businesses NEED to be on Google Places with updated information. Claim your business or create a business listing. Add photos, videos and tips about your business that would be helpful for customers ex: parking behind building, dog friendly.

Get Alerts: Social Mention and Google Alerts are excellent eyes when you don’t have time. They scrape the web and sent you alerts when any keywords you have specified are mentioned. Like having an intern on 24/7 Mountain dew watching the web for you.

Content Management System: I will tell you WordPress. However you NEED a CMS tool. Spend time creating content instead of tweaking alignment issues and redeveloping your site with new coding standards. Use a platform like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla to build a website that will be able to grow with you and your business. By the way, the highly popular article WordPress Doesn’t Have to Look Like a Blog is a great source of inspiration.

Safe and Secure: Use tools like KeePass to protect all of your account passwords. Invest in a backup system. Consider putting a copy of important digital on an external hard drive and into a safety deposit box. Sad when people loose five years worth of digital artwork due to a hard drive failure. Make time to backup your work, your machines.

What other online marketing tools, strategies or methods do you use?

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