I truly believe that:

Good people + Good people = Great communities.

I am always delighted to introduce people and see their relationships bloom.

There are a lot of great ways to meet great people. However I also think there are a lot of great ways to introduce great people to other great people you already know.

Isn’t that the point of social media?

Personally I am a big fan of using Facebook events. They are easy to setup and invite people conveniently on a site they already use. Even on fan pages creating an event is simple especially when sending out reminder messages that can be filtered by how the guest responded.

On a personal level when I think of people that facilitate and grow strong connected communities I instantly think of Shauna Causey.  When attending the Bigfoot Conference in Bremerton Shauna bluntly said – “You should come to SMC (Seattle Social Media Club) events! Be great to have you there!” She is approachable, knowledgeable and welcoming. Always reaching out and connecting people, genuinely listening and loving the great community she enriches and is a part of.

When it comes to raising awareness for a cause social media boosts awareness and participation across imaginable distances. Scott Hanselman regularly hosts #NerdDinner in Bellevue Washington and enthusiastically shares his passion for development, and all things nerdy. He is connects nerds with other nerds and has created a strong community of talent, and friendships. I even nerded out learning about Microsoft’s Web Matrix. Scott is currently running a campaign to raise money to fight diabetes.

When it comes to businesses that do an excellent job utilizing social media to connect good people to good people I think of SnoRidge Crossfit. By nature Crossfit has a community that removes any feeling of the counter between customer and trainer. Because it isn’t so much customer and trainer as it is friend and friend who knows how to do Crossfit. SnoRidge has been exceptional in being open to connecting on a personal level on Facebook. They don’t depend on their group page to connect with customers, the owners and trainers Tom and Michelle Nugent and trainer Moe all connect online. They “Like” posts that people from the gym post about health, fitness and give comments of support and encouragement when needed. They are actively engaged on Facebook on a personal friendship level. The level of connection on social media is a direct reflection of the experience a person feels at the box. Everyone is warm and welcoming and supportive no matter what level of fitness.

Key Points:

  1. Reach Out: Invite people to events, and communicate you value them
  2. Introduce: A short intro to the rest of the group starts conversations
  3. Be Genuine: Demonstrate the true you, the true human side of your business
  4. Be personal: Build trust, develop and share real connection
  5. Appreciate: Say “Thank you” – A lot

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