Twitter has 105,779,710 registered users. With over 55 million tweets a day finding great tweeters might seem a bit overwhelming. There are people Tweeting left and right from just about every corner of the globe.  Here are some ways to find great people on Twitter, blogs to read and event to go to.


First off I read – a lot. Novels seem to catch my attention every once awhile however I love relevant engaging blogs. Within those blogs I heard great insight from the authors as they share their experiences, ideas and even interviews with their networks.

As I read those blogs I become acquainted with the author and to be totally honest earn trust. So when I visit their blogs and see their blogroll I take their recommendations very seriously. As the people they have listed are most always people I #MustFollow.

Check out some of these great examples of simple blogrolls:

Scott Porand "Watchlist"

Katie Morris Blog Roll

cre8asite Blogroll

What I LOVE about blogrolls is that I get introduced to some great people that may not be glowing on my Twitter feed, not in the Seattle area of just somehow haven’t entered into my radar. If you don’t have a blogroll or some kind of recommended reads list you should. They are easy, and a trained monkey could add them if you are running WordPress.

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