Step away from the to-do lists. Turn off your distraction devices and just sit there for a second. What have you done this week to build your PERSONAL brand? Okay, you have a Linkedin account, Facebook and maybe even a Twitter account but what are you doing with them and are they building a genuine perception of you are online?

Time to chug the personal branding Kool-Aid, do a little research and get down to business making a long term investment into your future.

I want to focus on the first steps of auditing a personal brand. In future articles I will go into more length however I want to offer something you can easily take away and begin checking out.

If someone typed in my name: Lyndi Thompson They will get:

Search results for Lyndi Thompson

The yellow arrows are great! Fantastic, all content that is updated and are great ways to find out more information about me, what I like, do, who I talk to even how to contact me.

The orange arrow in front of Eli and is orange because that is a VERY old website that needs to be desperately updated. This is a site that my husband and I bought to keep wedding guests informed. Now the site has little content, hasn’t been updated however still ranks high for my name.

The red arrow is a MySpace account that isn’t mine. Why? I don’t have a MySpace account. That page is a link on the front page of search for my name and it isn’t me?! Okay, if you are finding content for your name on the first page of search results find a towel and don’t panic.

Basic Branding Checklist

What I need to do is audit ALL of my accounts and make sure they all meet this basic checklist:

If the option is available all of my accounts, web pages and profiles should include:

– Create Google Alerts for Lyndi Thompson, and Lyndit

Wordpress adding Titles to links

– as the primary website
– Have @Lyndit has my Twitter handle
– Link to my Linkedin account
– Have any other appropriate social media accounts listed
– Make sure meta keywords and description on both and include both my full name, Twitter handle and possible misspellings of my name
– Add alt tags to all images, and titles to all links

That alone will give me plenty to go. In the process of auditing, and creating a plan to maintain my personal brand it is a good exercise for me to go through to learn how to best position my clients whether for business or personal branding needs.

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