Technology has given us an unlimited amount of potential to market, share ideas, build community and drive our world closer than ever before. One of the great inspirations in my life is a young woman that even today uses social media, her expertise in SEO and online marketing to aid her passion to literally change the world.

This is a snap shot into a story of faith, determination and standing up for what you believe in. I had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know someone who has truly been able to utilize social media, seo and technology to shape the world we live in.

The Formula:

SEO/Social Media expertise + Passion + Network + Website + Wet Paint + Press = Join the Impact

On November 15, 2008 a worldwide protest took place in over 400 cities in every state in the country and in ten countries around the world. The protest was attended by an estimated one million people worldwide.

The Back Story:

A couple of years ago I found myself in a whirl wind of needs from a local startup company. I was lucky enough to find myself well supported in a team of highly energetic, talented and creative individuals. One of those individuals had an unlimited amount of faith my potential as well as appreciated the joy I found and expressed for online marketing. She was my first experience with a true “SEO expert”.  She created a platform that would overtime make that particular company lots and lots and lots of money.  As well as carve out a competitive edge for the company using SEO, social media and blogging as key channels for small businesses around the country.

Every morning she came in with a spunky carefree attitude. The whole office loved her, admired her however had no idea that she was about to shape the world with her skills and passion. I never for a second doubted that this young woman would do anything pave a legacy of ridiculous epic proportions.

Who is this wonder woman? Her name is Amy Balliet. Her passion for equality, determination, and appreciation for her community became a voice for change. Creating space for people to be themselves and becoming an idol of what life is really about, relationships and love.

To this day I am personally inspired by Amy. She is not only a woman to watch, but to join in her journey as she hammers and forges the world we share into a better place.

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