Events are expensive. Planning, renting, advertising, blogging, adding event information and answering questions on Facebook, following managing and responding to tweets, getting speakers, creating those cute little hands stamped goodie bags the list goes on! All time consuming and expensive. Bloggers are everywhere, in every industry and one thing we love more than food is being able to share information about great parties and events. I love being in a category of bloggers that are looking to share and be a little supportive voice about your event. What do you need to do? Provide these basic things and we will be delighted to share your event on our blog and across our networks. Cookies are also accepted and appreciated.

Promotional Package for Bloggers!

Event Badge: This is important and easy for bloggers or website owners to add to their websites. Provide html code and image that doesn’t require they host.

For example:

<a href=”” target=”_tab”><img src=”” border=”0″ title=”Deploy 2010 – Tech Conference for Startups”/></a>

Which turns into:

Art Work: Provide a place on your website promoters can grab different size and layout of your event badge and event logo. For me as a blogger I really appreciate access to logos rather than having to search on Google and hope to find an image large enough to use.

Preferred Messaging: Are there specific elements about your event you want to be highlighted? Provide a sample paragraph or even bullet points of things you want bloggers to mention.

  • Date
  • Time
  • Location
  • Elements of Focus
  • Key Speakers
  • Twitter Hash Tag

Additional Tips:

Promote Speakers: What is better than finding out what big names are going to be speaking at the events? Even if you think they are well known for new people in the industry they may not be. Add a link to each speaker to their preferred ways of contact. Ex: Twitter, Web, and email.

Follow Attendees: During the ticket purchasing process add a field for Twitter name: As attendees sign up and enter in their Twitter name automatically follow your attendees reducing manual time of searching by keyword looking for attendees. Also add a link or button that allows for attendees to follow your event on Twitter.

Generate Awareness: Work with a ticket vendor that allows you to direct customers back to your site after they purchase tickets. Add a “Tweet I am attending this event” widget for attendees to spread the excitement and create a bit more awareness for your event.

Are you interested in blogging about events? Post a comment below with your contact information and what types of events you are interested in blogging about.

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