Lyndit Social Media Chocolate Lava cakeWhether you looking to social media to help raise brand awareness connect with customers or you are looking to connect with other industry professionals turn to social media to amplify your message and get some great value back.

Utilize social media based on your needs and objectives. However, not every tool in the tool shed is right for the job. You don’t have to assume how these different networks work, try them. Just like a pair of shoes each one has a different look, feel, attitude, and has a different assumed use for different people.

It maybe you are a local bakery consider creating videos. How you make bread and clips of your restaurant is a great fit for YouTube and to add to your Google local business page. Find value in Linkedin groups discussing owning a bakery or starting up a bakery. Participate; answer questions build your personal brand while also supporting your business brand. YouTube, Google Local, and Linkedin all have the foundation to share your message, while giving a great deal of value back to you.

The video on YouTube will drive traffic to your website, while also enhancing your Google local business page by adding a splash unique experience to your potential customers. Bakery with boring address listing, no website, or photos or bakery with website and video? Humm… I am thinking I am going to go the bakery that had the video on how they made that awesome chocolate lava cake and with that lady who was enjoying it with her friends with that giant cup of milk, I want that experience. End rant.

As a business owner connect with experts on Linkedin that have similar interests. Fantastic to have a professional minded community that you can share experiences with. Other bakery owners might know where to get the best prices of sugar and tips on to streamline paper work.

The moral of the story is that social media isn’t in the same silo as traditional advertising. Remember that social media is flexible, effective and most importantly social. Start thinking social media as a tool and find the best lava cake, oh sorry… tool for the job.

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