It is a tragedy really, a sad and too common tale of people with dreams, passion and a great idea that have been complacent just sit floating down a river of excuses, accepting the direction their attitude is taking them. Their past experience of trying to ignite their idea into a real business feels a bit like trying to make a campfire with waterlogged wood. “Well, it didn’t work the first time, so I tried again it didn’t work either.” The frustration zaps the energy and focus out of these creative individuals as they have spent so much time just trying to get their idea off the ground.

Attending the Seattle 2.0 Awards I worked on polishing my ideas about entrepreneurs.  Seattle 2.0 is impressive group of entrepreneurs, investors and their supporters. Starting back in 2007 this group celebrates, encourages, networks and emphasizes Seattle startups. The community is something I have never seen before. The group is filled to the brim with people glowing in joy for their ideas, their businesses, and the Seattle 2.0 community. The group demonstrates the theory of flying with the eagles as these people share their visions and collectively rocket them to the moon.

The difference between those who float down the river and those who get up on the shore, climb mountains and touch the edges of the earth are not as far reaching as one might seem. They are not super human nor done it all know it alls, they are not some special breed nor do they all have the same education, background or even eat the same kind of breakfast. They don’t all love a certain brand of shoes nor do they all sing the same songs. Those who become successful in taking their ideas and putting them into action have these elements in common:

Mental dialogue

They have the skill keep a positive, appreciative and open mental dialogue going.


Can do, curious, appreciative and looking forward to the future.


Reach out to people in their industry, customers, build friendships, they believe in the power of investing in building strong relationships.


They have incredible support; these people invest and get support from their communities and those in their lives.

Ideas to Action

These people take their creative ideas and give them life. They are positive, enthusiastic  and trudge through the rough moments.

If you have an idea that needs to get off the ground and your mental dialogue, laundry list of excuses or lack of resources is stopping you from taking your dream to the next level get involved. Find and surround yourself with positive people that have passion and are taking action in making their dreams become a reality.

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