Whether it is a corner office, a summer home on Orcas Island, being Microsoft’s #1 Rock Band tester, or even ending world hunger, knowing and understanding your ultimate vision is essential.  Today is best time to define and act on your vision; express and share your enthusiasm. Most importantly there is no better time to reach out, connect and build community.

“Whether you think that you can, or that you can’t, you’re right.” – Henry Ford

Take one of my favorite people to place on a pedestal and contemplate – Pete Cashmore. At the vibrant young age of 22, Pete was driven and focused his energizer bunny enthusiasm to create one of my personal favorite websites, Mashable. To oversimplify, Pete is a passionate writer and–more specifically–a superhero marketer. Looking at his website, Mashable, you would think that the site was a Google or maybe even a CERN creation. Mashable as a site is polished with content that reaches a huge spectrum of loyal visitors interested in online marketing, top trends, best practices and general nerdy news. Every time I go to Mashable I reminded that I have never come out of a state of “Wow!” as the site is really the gift that never stops giving.  He has a motto of “Work smarter, not harder” and he has applied his motto and enthusiasm that followed a vision of building community. In a quote from Pete, he states that he truly believes the internet is full of “unlimited opportunities”.

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”- Ralph Waldo Emerson

What would it take for you to believe there are no limits to your vision? The trick with any vision is to define, record and make decisions that ultimately support the vision.

For a small business that may be implementing a new organizational structure that would allow for more time relationship building. For an individual it may mean building upon a reputation to begin holding speaking and leading presentations in the grand ballroom of lecture halls. For a child it could be growing up to be a fireman or a doctor.

In the case of the small business that wants to be able to invest time away from day to day maintenance and into their customers they may want to invest in Salesforce as a way to better serve customers and improve customer experience. For the individual that is building their own personal brand it may mean creating webinars, podcasts and even being a co-speaker at presentations to gain some valuable experience. For the child wanting to be a real life hero they may spend the day shadowing and idolizing their dream job. In each scenario there are steps towards the ultimate vision.

In whatever vision there are going to be all kinds of characters, the only for sure thing is that there will always be an increasing need for community. Those who are able to capture their enthusiasm will be able to have a positive outlook, be flexible and make decisions to meet their visions.  This is where the revolution of new media comes in as a Swiss army knife of tools. From connecting to industry leaders, learning from others experiences and even finding community social media will be an evolving part of how business, individuals and even future generations think and interact with our world.

What has happened is that that small business can now work in satellite offices all around the world keeping costs low and carving out more time to invest in building long lasting relationships. In the case of the individual looking to teach and lecture, that person is now able to find LinkedIn groups that specifically talk about presenting and find current successful presenters on Twitter and learn from their experience. For the child they can watch YouTube videos of their heroes in action, from firefighting competitions to doctors talking to kids about health. The conventional boundaries are breaking down, across languages which means across the world. People are understanding the value of being flexible, supporting one another and setting themselves up for success.

This is the time, today is the perfect day to begin defining and acting on your vision. Don’t be afraid to express and share your enthusiasm, the world needs it. Most importantly there is no better time to reach out, connect and build your own community.

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