There are one man bands and then there are one man Justice Leagues. Here is a man that truly has an entrepreneurial spirit. In the arena of social media he focused on Twitter and wrote a BOOKTwitter Marketing for Dummies”.

Kyle is world renown for his presentations and speaking at social media events, and working with students.  He also supports some incredible causes, like Envolv. If being a being a social media consultant, speaker, youth idol, writing and publishing a book isn’t enough he is also the CEO of Brandswag. A socially creative business that understands their customers need guidance in the social media landscape. With an emphasis on word-of-mouth marketing, Brandswag knows the internet is becoming the marketing landscape to engage customers.

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First of a huge thank you to Kyle for taking the time to answer a few questions. When I first connected with Kyle I went to his website and about fell out of my chair. I was so impressed with his site design, flow, and usability. His site has been designed in a way that is clear where he wants users to go.  However, Kyle’s website was not what made me want to interview him, it was his voice and personal brand on Twitter. If you listen to his tweets, you hear the passion he has for social media and supporting the greater community. A natural firestarter sharing information from around the social media landscape.

Here is what Kyle had to say:

Personal Branding

My personal branding is built around my personality as well as my industry. Personal branding is all based around how you tell YOUR story. How do you interact with people? How do people view you intimately and from a higher view…? Personal branding is the basic perceptions and realities on how other people view you as an individual. I love social media and I love writing. There is nothing that pulls my heart strings more than training a group of people on how to use social media.

Kyle’s Marketing Mantra

Sometimes it’s better to be socially creative

Inspiring Customers

We inspire customers with case studies and success stories. Delivery is what juices the clients up!

Presentations & Speaking

We offer half and full day training sessions for companies to influence their employees on using social media. We also offer a ton of different 90 min courses to offer anyone who is interested. :)

Top Social Media Networks

Top > Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin. OUT OF ALL HONESTY – You should only use the sites where your clients are located and that is odd.

Social Media Adverse

I tend to ignore them unless they are in a seminar of mine. I make sure that they understand what is going and that is about it.

Kyle Lacy Offline

I love to read and write. :-) That’s about the extent of everything.

Favorite Speaking Events

Events that include students

Once again thank you to Kyle! I highly recommend that everyone connect with Kyle, read his blog, attend his events as well as pick up your very own copy of “Twitter Marketing for Dummies” today!

Connect with Kyle!

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