Talk'n Walk - April Fools Social Media JokeTalk'n Walk - April Fools Social Media Joke (Lyndit)New! Awesome! Super! Fantastic! Works with your iPhone, Blackberry and border collie. This new social network is so awesome even your Mom will be an early adopter. This social network is called Talk’n Walk. That’s right, start walking and talking and see your social network grow! The Talk’n Walk social network is a novel way to socialize has been brought to by the 1920s.

What better way to grow your social network than to start an account with Talk’n Walk. Forget Facebook, this’ll be your ultimate social profile is on the streets. Look at these ladies growing their social network by using Talk’n Walk!

10 easy steps!

1. Print out 10 easy steps for reference

2. Pry yourself away from your computer

3. Dress yourself in awesome 20s clothing

4. Find a cute little dog to walk

5. Find your friends and family Talk’n Walking

6. Wave to everyone on the street

7. Ask people on the street to be your friend and follow you

8. Make sure to follow back those who Talk’n Walk with you

9. Clean and press your awesome 20s outfit

10. Celebrate your new social network by Talk’n Walk daily

Disclaimer: Consult WebMD to see if Talk’n Walk is good for you.

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