Lyndit Mini social media thingsMini donuts, mini horses and mini cars are all fantastic. What is also helpful a mini vision towards the big sometimes what feels like monster picture of creating a social media plan. Here are 5 steps to create a mini social media plan that will be relax your nerves of where to start, what to talk about and what to do.

Tag you’re it! You are now the person who is in charge and on the wire for creating a social media plan. Ford TaurusThe scenario is that the company currently has a clunky website that is like a 1988 Ford Taurus.  Manual roll down windows, a sunroof that has been glued shut due to leaking. The site has been duct taped, slow to load and figures since no one is complaining everyone loves it. When you mention usability, or the phrase mobile browsers you get at minimum scowls and raised eyebrows.

So what do you do?

Going back to the foundation of defining a social media plan, listen. Listen to their needs, and ask LOTS of questions. For each of these five areas write notes and challenge yourself to come back with a short one to two sentences to explain each area.

Be realistic yet shoot for the stars. Answer the question of “Where do we want to go?”

Think specific – grow business, increase customer satisfaction, lower call center support?

Reference short and long term. Should follow goals

Social Media Options
Depending on the goals what are the best social media options to fit the company’s objectives?

Resources & Support
What is it going to take? How many people? Of course the big one – how much is the campaign going to cost?

I hear you – “Two sentences! How is that even going to start explaining the idea?!” It is going to challenge you to think concise, to think clear and remove the fluff from your ideas. 5 to 10 sentences will create an awesome mission statement that can be easily presented on and tweaked to meet different needs for the next phase of planning.

As the brainstorming gains speed you will find that there will be a lot of ideas flying around. Put your reporter cap on and try and capture the highlights, asking questions to clarify.

There it is 5 steps to create your mini social media plan. Do not feed it to your mini horse.

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