From Twitter, Sphinn, Facebook, Amplify, Buzz and Friendfeed–you name it!–I have been gathering some of my favorite posts. These 5 personal favorite must reads have sparked some really awesome conversations, tweaked long term project plans and challenged a lot of great ideas. From social media, online marketing and project planning to business organization these posts will for sure to fill your thought bubbles, have you reaching for the phone to share a conversation about the value of flexibility and the future of social media.

  1. “Every day we are all inundated with more and more information overload coming from credible and yet-to-be-verified sources.  Where can Internet users find relief? Answer: the infographic.” – 10 Outstanding Social Media Infographics
  2. “There are alternatives today and this post provides a list of 35 online tools that may significantly improve your Project Management and Team Collaboration” 35 Very Useful Online Tools for Improving your Project Management and Team Collaboration
  3. “Bureaucracies temporarily reverse the Second Law of Thermodynamics. In a bureaucracy, it’s easier to make a process more complex than to make it simpler, and easier to create a new burden than kill an old one.”  – The Collapse of Complex Business Models
  4. “Share of voice, point of view and community influence will be more important than brand ownership — and marketers will need to get over it if they want to stay relevant in 2012.” – What Social Media Will Look Like in 2012
  5. “As information flow is infinite, many find that it is of utmost importance to capture the attention of the select few who serve as influencers — these are the people who can actually stop their followers in their tracks to help spread your message.” – How to Get an Influencer’s Attention

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