Going out for a night with the girls, the giggling and chatting five thousand words per hour is not going to happen in a two hour meeting about the ideal PowerPoint presentation template. Do I have a “different” persona in those two situations?  Sure. Do I have a different identity? Personally, I don’t think I have a different identity as I didn’t change my finger prints, yet I most certainly there is a different perceived identity about me.

From the dawn of marketing, creating a brand identity that is easily and quickly recognized has been the goal. In recent years the traditional rigid structures of a marketing team telling you what a brand is have begun to soften as the control of what a brand is shifted towards how users identify with the brand. Personal brands are also in the same boat.

The elephant in the room is social media. The conversation of keeping rigid branding and stuffing them into the social media goo isn’t real pretty. Social media is flexible; however consider the different social networks and what the natural perceived identity of the brand will be.

I believe brands belong on Twitter. The platform is a perfect petri dish to experiment and  network while also simple enough to consistently provide excellent experience to the brand’s community. What can be experienced is what will be interpreted.

The interactive aspect of Social Media is personal by nature, so the relationships you create can be deeper and last longer than with any other media. To maintain those relationships make sure your brand comes across authentic and transparent.7 Key Benefits of using Social Media as a marketing and a branding tool, Branding Eye

So where do we begin? As marketing professionals we have a mountain to climb: bridging customers expectations and actual experiences. Sometimes we can’t control the whole experience, however, in social media we have to focus on exceeding customer expectations to enhance the perception. Having a unique and exciting logo and a fancy product is great, yet, what is going to set a brand apart is a clear image that the company cares about its customers.

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