One of my favorite questions to ask online & social media marketing professionals is “How do you work with clients that are social media adverse?”. The answer is overwhelmingly – Show instead of tell. Bring out the case studies, the statistics, the hard facts. Here are a few of those hard facts about social media, the internet and the evolution of online media.

Recently this article 6 Social Media Stats You Can’t Live Without really grabbed my attention. I am normally a more lets look more localized yet these 6 points about social media is very reflective to what target markets are engaging the most and what markets have yet to be served.

  • A quarter of social media users are between the ages of 35 and 44
  • 61 percent of Facebook’s users are middle aged or older.
  • College-age people do not dominate any particular Web site.
  • The 17 and under crowd dominates Bebo.
  • Senior citizens have not caught on to social media yet.
  • has the largest amount of older members.

This video is packed full of some great statistics about our ever changing world wide web, enjoy!

When it comes to selling the idea of taking a once 100% word-of-mouth or location based business online can be a bit like trying to convince a cat to take a bath. A lot of apprehension and the main concerns and curve balls that get thrown at me are “What is the ROI?” and “How do we control negative customers or disgruntled ex-employees?”. How do I take these sorts of curve balls? I am delighted. You know why? Because the client is asking questions and is interested in my response, my experience and opinion. However this is the perfect time to flip back around to the goals of the campaign. Selling the ability to meet those goals by expanding their reach and going online will create more questions to keep the client engaged, and even excited about this new marketing adventure.

What myths about social media & online marketing do you have to regularly debunk? Any statistics that help you make your case?

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