Twitter is stuffed to the brim with terrific sources of just about anything you can think of. From BBQing, surfing, clothing designers, finding the best deal on travel to building your freelance business all of this and more is constantly being added at the rate of 39193 per minute!

So how do you find great tweeps to follow and learn from?

Maybe you are interested in Social media Marketing, will give you a quick way to find everyone that is currently tweeting about social media. How cool is that? Great, so poke through the list and open a few profiles and read the Tweeter’s bio check out their blog, if they are a good fit follow them. If you want to keep tabs on your search query you can do that easily by using Search. Twitter’s RSS feature:

Follow your Favorite Blogs/Writers:

Take some of my favorite writers and their blogs for example: Scott Stratten of  UnMarketing, Brian Clark of Copy Blogger, Andy Beal of Marketing Pilgrim, Jason Falls of Social Media Explorer, and of course Pete Cashmore of Mashable.

Each week I will comb through my favorite writers Twitter feed, what am I looking for? I am looking to see who they are talking to. Whoever they are talking to, I want to get to know. I want to be in the conversation.

As you grow your Twitter following make sure to actually invest some time into getting to know some of your followers. Whether you are building your personal or business’s brand you have to earn trust, so reply to tweets, and share your experiences.

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