I really need a good elevator speech for a few things.

1. Crossfit – yes it is sort of like P90X only not

2. MazdasNW – Northwest Mazda Car club … no I don’t drive around cars for dealers, and yes there are women in the group.

3.  And TWITTER! – Seriously, those who haven’t been bitten by the Twitter bug just don’t understand.You have to experienced the awesomeness of hearing about events around the world before the news publishes them.  You must feel the excitement of having some famous person follow you, and then raise your eyebrow and think, “Why are they following me?”. You also have to understand the community of Twitter. People follow people with similar interests, hobbies, even attitudes. So, I get down from my soapbox and people snap out of the weird glazed over look they normally ask me. Well, what do YOU tweet about.  So here are a few Tweets from me:

Can’t get into the Sushi fad. I like my food cooked to recommended safe temperatures. $15 to pray to the porcelain gods is not a good value 

I really think there should be an exotic car called the donkey or burro, what is cooler or more exotic than riding Jesus style?

Not sure why my car’s temp was set to 82 degrees. Is that like loosening the tops to salt and pepper shakers? 

Consider doing a 10 minute brainstorm to improve your team, department, company, brand or whatever. Keep fresh and creative.

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” —Zig Ziglar

Coinstar – give us your money and will give you back less.

Excellent leaders hear ideas and find always to support and execute them.

Leadership should never build walls, only bridges.

Time to relax, recharge and be ready to refocus for tomorrow. That is a lot of R & R.

Good night everyone. Wishing everyone sweet CSS filled dreams with no tables, meetings, and only customers who go with your ideas.

Communication is key – the key to unlock every instance of potential failure

Wonder if being a heavy note taker makes me a bad tree lover?

For all you nerdy husbands, and boyfriends out there your ladies may want conversation, dinner and their own ecommerce website

Set aside blocks of personal time and don’t schedule over them

Wish there was an army of support behind ideas besides waiting for ideas to gather dust, then later be found and appreciated as an artifact

Favorite coffee barista shared his dream of owning his own chain of coffee stands. I was delighted that he shared his dreams with me

Identities can evolve, and should be seen as they are, not just who they were

What do you appreciate about today? I appreciate communication – I love talking, listening and learning 

There is always something beautiful to appreciate, even in the dark

Having community reach out and do whatever it takes to be supportive is what both my husband and I wanted. And we got it – from Crossfit

As a marketer I believe my strengths are being social, friendly but also having a big vision, sense of humor and excellent taste in food.

Psych class says 80% our behavior is Skinner’s formula (Behavior +Environment + reinforcement) the other 20% from observation.

Everyone wants to be heard, yet not everyone is willing to listen. Two ears, one mouth

Working on a project that requires me to be ultra concise and have more of a sales pitch – if only I could mix twitter and selling chocolate

Most everything I understand is attached to some kind of planning document that is except for my life.

Sometimes I miss the “You’ve got mail” man voice. He was so welcoming

First time at a Radio shack in… Well I can’t remember. Lots of weird electronic things to buy and put right into your garage sale pile

Really impressed with PCC’s pizza… you can eat it and pretend you are being healthy

You know it has been a hard week where there is powdered sugar all over your desk

Glowing from a successful presentation on how Dell is using social media.

The basics of social media are the basics in conversation. Listen, Learn and engage… rinse and repeat

Love brainstorming ideas, love creating visions of the perfect project. I can think big, see big and plan for big.

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