Sure, I have drank the kool-aid. I have gone down the Niagara falls of Twitter in a barrel.  I have become passionate–maybe even borderline addicted to Twitter–and I can tell you one thing: I am no expert. Show me an expert Twitter guru from Mount Olympus and I will show you a taco–because Twitter can be used just like a taco; they both can be tools for conversation. As Twitter itself is not the skill; the skill is communication.

However, I have learned to ask a lot of questions, be genuine and support the greater community.

What Twitter is:

  1. Source of current news
  2. Source of hilarious people
  3. Networking tool
  4. Brand builder
  5. Friend connector
  6. Super awesome

That isn’t the most complete list in the world. Yet, overall Twitter has really kept me connected to some of the greatest, most inspirational people in my industry as well as some other local rockstars. Twitter is precisely what you want it to be; from networking with designers, branding and marketing experts to finding support on a annoying technical puzzle you need help solving.

When you begin to climb up Mt. Tweeter, you will find that at first you may feel you need to read EVERY TWEET. Okay, lets just agree now that unless you have limitless amounts of time you will NOT be able to keep up. This is not a contest, please don’t try. You might go blind.  Twitter is a 12-liter turbocharged text sending Godzilla monster that is basically taking over the world as we know it. Don’t worry. Everything will be okay.

Please refrain from 12-year-old texting style of communication Little abbreviations are annoying and are not welcome.  MKAY?

For businesses, this is the moment to let your brand shine. The question I will emphasize is — How do you want your brand perceived? Stay clear of delivery pizza tweets.

“Do you want to try our double cheese , triple meat, deep fried heart clogging pizza with carrots on top for only 3 easy payments of $19.95?”


Share news about your company, behind the scenes videos, and pictures. Show your community who the brand really is and who is behind it. This is not a job for any one poor soul. Bring in a team of people with energy to engage in brainstorming and planning sessions about and around the vision of the brand. This team will be essential as backups, researchers, content generators and all around supporters of the brand’s mission to better serve the customer.

So without going on with four more pages of my ideas here are some excellent resources that have summed up the Twitter 101 course.

Twitter Guides:

Twitter’s Guide for Business’s

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