Every skilled Tweeter should have some basic tools up their sleeve. Starting a Twitter campaign can be overwhelming and finding any kind of helpful data can also be tricky.

Between managing followers, lists , replies, direct messages, and content–oh my! It can be like trying to juggle feral cats. Once you get a good foundation of time management, tools and understanding of your communication style to your audience you will be just peachy keen. Hang in there and check out these three tools I have found to be very valuable.

1. Twitalyzer

Lyndit Twitalyzer

This is an excellent tool to get an in depth snap shot of your twitter account.

Best part: Dashboard option -> Clicks. Find out what links you have shared and how many people clicked on them.

2. Tweepml

When you find yourself dizzy with confusion on who to even begin following on Twitter, I personally recommend this handy tool for finding just those perfect fits. From online marketing, snow shoeing to the top people in any industry; this tool is for you!
Best part: Once you find people on Twitter you adore–which you will–create your own list to share with others. Here are a couple of my lists -> All About Seattle, Best Twitter Tools, and Positive/Inspirational People.

3. Tweepi

This is an excellent tool to do a bit of spring cleaning. Find all those awesome people that somehow you “forgot” to follow or trim out the people that haven’t used Twitter in a while or are just not participating in the retweet madness. You will need to allow access to your Twitter account, but don’t worry, nothing horrible has happened yet.

Best part: The features! The tool is packed with excellent ways to organize your followers, filter by last time tweeted, followers, how many people they follow, how often they retweet, all kinds of good stuff. In addition there is also a feature to find some stellar people through their Geeky Follow.

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