The days of the professional image, the cookie cutter look, suit, tie, then speak and walk the part are shifting. The new marker is an excellent listener, be open to conversation, and strives to be open and genuine. This is the new image that is turbo charged with building trust and clear expectations from the beginning of each new project and relationship.

What do I mean? Press releases and intranet posts are no longer the sole way PR to communicate. Public relations are now on the ground level attending tradeshows and being super hero sidekicks to top sales executives — Batman and Robin style. At the Seattle 2.0 awards Amazon Web Services demonstrated this shift in understanding by having both their sales and PR interacting and engaging with everyone who came to their booth. Kudos to Amazon!

The digital world has blown everyone out of the water offering unlimited functionality, flexibility, and options in which to communicate messages.  These messages are no longer chained to any physical location. From virtual offices to being able to post messages in any language to anywhere in a matter of seconds the marketing world is a bit overwhelmed realizing the sky is no longer the limit.

All transitions take time, and will demand marketing to adapt or miss the mark and possibly loose the chance to compete on a global level.

Amazon BBQ Book Customer ReviewsBeing flexible to change is going to be easier for some of the younger companies. Their cultures are not poured in concrete of bureaucracy and skeptical attitudes that online marketing is anything other than a pop culture fad. The change might be drastic emotionally letting go the days where they got to bark what the brand is to the consumers and complaints were hidden deep within the bowels of the customer service department. Now customers give reviews on every product, service, business and brand they can communicate about, where ever and whenever they want.

Customers are choosing brands that identify with their values. The marketing culture shift from focusing on getting the message out in front of those who will want to swipe their credit card towards encouraging conversations about experience, and reaching out to appreciate those who celebrate the brand. Recently I praised TeachStreet for their awesome website, a happy reply and a t-shirt in the mail to reach out and say thank you is just one example of this transition.

The marketing culture is shifting towards building community, loyalty and trust over just generating sales.

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