Social Media in general has opened a floodgate of new writers. Of course my motto of more the merrier still holds true except there is an overwhelming amount of material to read! That is where my handy dandy tools of bookmarking, Google reader and Twitter land come in very handy.

What have I done, compiled my favorite posts for your learning and enjoyment in this week’s Social Media Recommended Reads.

Chris Brogan is a social media and marketing rockstar. His genuine writing style captures a large audience captivated by his marketing insights.
1.  Scaling Social Media features tells us what we all have been needing to hear “everything’s important and that nothing can be cut back… ” and then goes into why everything is important, and what to consider to become aware of the big picture.

Mashable is almost a marketing professional’s addiction. This site is jammed packed with goodies. It is a market of real honest to goodness information you can use, relate to and apply.
2.  11 Essential Social Media Resources You May Have Missed written by Matt Silverton plays to the point of my post – “We know you’re busy. Even with every social media, web, and RSS tool at your disposal, you can occasionally miss out on some of the week’s most insightful content.” Tools, tips, tricks and links that you need to read, bookmark and add to your toolbox.

Stepcase Lifehack gets straight to the point. This site has everything and the kitchen sink when it comes to great articles.
3. Twitter Hack: 5 Ways To Up Your Visible IQ written by Seth Simonds gives the tips and tricks to increase your perceived understanding of the Twitter culture. The gist – everything you tweet is going to be judged and put in a little more effort to convey the person you want to be known as.

Strategic Public Relations is a blog that will impress any marketing professional. Why? Because the articles are written with a clear understanding of the success as well as obstacles public relations is faced with.
4. Finding Your Social Voice captures the essence of social media. The voice. To be the brand or not to “be” the brand is often the big question. The main point – “the more a brand is represented by a real person the more engaged it can become with its customers…”

Social Media has brought an amazing insight to the world of communication. As a marketing professional and I am thrilled to be apart of a new wave of communication that empathizes the support of community, networking and becoming more genuine.

Enjoy this week’s Social Media Recommend Reads.

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